Research group`s mission:

The purpose of maritime logistics research group is to be the primary research partner for the maritime industry.

MaritimeLog as a part of USN, deliver research based education programs; from BSc. in nautical Sciences and Shipping & Logistics, Master in Maritime Management to Phd. in Nautical Operations (co-partnership with 3 other universities/colleges).  We also participate in research projects collaborating with partners from the maritime industry.

We aim at being instrument in generating growth and innovation for the industry and cooperate with international research centers, business partners and clusters to achieve our mission.

Research group`s interests and research themes:

  • Digitalization in Shipping Operations & maritime and nautical systems
  • Sustainability and green thinking in maritime and nautical industry
  • City Logistics, Port & Terminals, Ship Operation management
  • Service and Value Chain management
  • Process excellence and performance management
  • Optimization of Port, terminal, Ship Operations and container flow
  • Simulation and emulation of Port, terminal, Ship Operations and container flow/goods flow
  • Managing risks; ships safety and legal regulation; national and international maritime law and the ISM Code
  • The Resilient supply chain; global multimodal supply chains and their contractual risks.